My So Called Life

5 November 1973
My name is Sheila Lacey and I live in London, England. I am single but loving the fact. I work as a Membership & Customer Service Team Leader it's for a Health and Safety Charity. Not very glamorous but hell we all have to make money don't we? I do work with brilliant, people so that's a bonus.

I am not the best at this whole Live Journal but I thought I would sign up for an account and just went from there. I don't really write in my journal, actually I have been totally crap at it. But the main reason is I sign up to read lots of different fanfiction and become friends with people all over the world. So sorry about the no typing in my own journal.

Thought I would add a little note as now in 2010 I have a LJ account so my page is looking better I do have to jazz it up a little and I will get to it soon I promise. So I will be posting more about what's happening in my world and make more friends along the way.